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mirysien in collegeofveils

Hallowed Eve

Things have been interesting in Peoria lately. First, I met someone whose name I still have to figure out. For some reason she keeps changing it. I don't know why. And she seems to have a really hard time telling the truth. I *thought* I'd figured out a way to get around that by just taking the opposite of what she's saying. Turns out that doesn't work as well as you might think. Sometimes there's no "opposite" as in the name~du~jour and she seems to have caught onto to that technique as well and the last time we were hanging around together her fibs weren't "opposite" fibs. Still, when things were getting scary, she did revert back to the opposite type fibs. This is leading me to think that she can't really control her lack of truth-saying - because when she had important information she told us her lies in a way that we could figure out the correctness of it. I don't know what she's doing in Peoria, but despite her lying ways, I like her. Because I don't know what her real name is - and you know lots of people don't want to tell their true name (like me), but at least have a consistent not-true name - I'm calling her Asuka. Asuka is Japanese (明日香) meaning fragrance of the bright day. That seems very suited to her personality so far.

Then, there's the foxy priest. It took me a while to figure out that she was a good guy - at least I think she is. She's harder to figure out than Asuka. Of course I've never encountered someone quite like her before. She can do super-terrific tricks like make paper things that do stuff! I have a sneaky suspicion that she has a secret agenda. Still, she was a huge help during the events that happened on Hallowed Eve.

Finally, I met Fiona on Hallowed Eve day. She is newly arrived to Peoria and is a student at the University. I don't know very much about her yet, except that she had skills that helped us fight off some pretty bad guys.

So, there we are four females - (well, the foxy priest is sorta a-gender-ish .. haven't been able to positively identify her as a her yet) - who seem to be forming a loosely aligned fighting-off-the-bad-shit-quartette.

We had our first major battle on Hallowed Eve - but the horses are calling for me right now, so I'll tell that story another time.

Ayumi - my true name which means "walk your own way" (歩)


January 2008

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