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mirysien in collegeofveils

about the stable

Many years ago, a benefactor donated the stable and horses to the University, along with a fund to maintain it and to support a stable-boy – now called a groomsperson (which also happens to be how I earn my way). Due to my interest in horses and the fact that there is little competition vying for this particular job, I have been handling the stables and horses for some time and expect I'll have the job until I don't want it anymore.

Few people realize how old the stable is (dates back into the 1800's) and even fewer realize there are secret passages built into it. Not that I'm about to let just anyone in on it, but it's a good thing to know about.

This is a relatively small stable, with only 10 stalls, 5 on each side of an isle 3 feet wide. It also has a tack room at the end of the building – by going all the way down the isle, you reach it and the stairs leading to the loft. The loft is half the size of the ground floor and has a 1.5 foot shelf that runs the perimeter of the building – just enough to walk (carefully) around.

It is in the loft area that I've made myself at home – I’ve a small cot up there, a chair, table, lamp, microwave (electricity was installed relatively recently – in 1980's), mini fridge, an old wardrobe, and bookcases made of 2x4's and cement bricks. All in all, I’m pretty comfortable. I’ve rigged up a bathroom in a tiny lean-to off the stables where water is piped in for watering the horses.

As for the stalls, rarely are they all used and in the event that we have more than 10 boarding, there are some outside stalls available. There are 3 permanent boarders from around the area, with the number swelling temporarily during semesters to maybe an addition 2-3. It’s a good number, any more than that and I have to put in pretty long days to keep them groomed, fed & watered, exercised, and amused. Sometimes the owners are very hands on – which reduces my workload considerably and sometimes they aren't. I find the hands-on people are more likely to be down2earth and friendly folks – but that's not always the case either.

Well .. time to go check on them. Perhaps I'll get around to introducing the regular guests sometime.


January 2008

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