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Naomi Cooner: A Raccoon Girl on September 19, 2007

Mama always said that you should never talk to strangers. But, what you do when everyone is a stranger? I mean, everyone in my family lives in a den next to the shinesty river in the entire world. It sparkles all day and all night and I like to spend all my time cleaning off the pretties I find in the forest.

Things got really strange when nana came late a week or so ago. Right in the middle of the night, calling me her little Jewel. She took me and my bruddah, he's a pain in the ass, but what do you expected? He's a boy. An icky, icky boy. But, nana was in a hurry so we left in the middle of the night. Papa wasn't feeling well. Mama said it was from drinking, but how could drinking water make him get all headachey and crabby? Well, nana said not to worry, but she gets really cranky at cranky papa when he drinks too much.

Though, she took us out on a trip. It was down the prettiest of streams I've ever seen. We spent hours and hours gathering up sparklies and cleaning them.

We got separated a lot, we always do. I mean, I was following this trail of sparklies I found. They were all coppery and I had a big handful when a tree decided to grab me. I screamed for a bit, but he had more sparklies in a bag that said Wallymart. He said he was bringing me back to mama. I asked him if I should go tella nana, but he said no and he was very barky about that. And he said he was with mama, even had her necklace so it was okay. He wasn't a stranger.

The tree man wasn't very good at doing things. Except for walking, he didn't say much. When I started getting all bored and stuff, he just shoved the Wallymart bag at me. I mean, there were cool things in it, but I was beginning to miss my nana and my mama and my papa but not my bruddah. Don't miss him at all, I mean, he went toward the food smells while I'd rather have my pretties.

Then, a bunny came up. She was so awesome and cool, with this big hammer that she threw at the tree guy. It staggered forward and dropped me. I was sad, but then they started getting into a fight. He pulled out a big stick and tried to smack her but she was awesome. And then the prettiest horsie ran up and they all argued with the tree man. They said things about kid napping, but I wasn't really tired. And a fox guy showed up and he played on this flutey thing that was really, really cool. It had this flame-like stuff coming out of it, but no one wanted to dance to it. (I don't want to tell him he wasn't playing very pretty).

The tree man got all falled and they told me that he was napping me. And they would take me back to nana. And they didn't have nana's necklace, but the horsie was pretty and the bunny girl had that huge hammer. Maybe she'll let me hold the hammer?

But, nana says that we are going to stay here. The foxy guy has this pretty temple thing he lives in. Nana likes it, there are lots and lots and lots and lots of pretty things in there. And a stream nearby that we can wash those pretties. So, nana is waiting around her until she can get word from mama and papa about the tree guy.
This is the first entry for the College of Veils. I'm planning on doing in-character journal posts like the players, mainly to add details from interesting characters that come up during the game. That and I like writing in character.


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